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Friday, 30 November 2012
The guest that called me last night at 702-637-7317 surprised me. I rarely meet a guest that has as much energy as I have. I met a guy that loved to be outside so we did a lot of things. We went for a long hike. During the hike, he started getting frisky and I couldn’t resist. I was dressed for fun so I gave him a thrill. We found a great little trail and I did a little striptease. He was so excited about it. We went swimming and I noticed that he was really hard when other guys started hitting on me. As soon as we got back to the hotel, he couldn’t keep his hands to himself. We started exploring and had some great fun with it. We started in one room of the suite and ended up in a completely different room, naked and completely exhausted. By the time we got to the Las Vegas massage, he was demanding my email address so that he could contact me immediately when he comes back to town. But the night wasn’t done. We went out and found a friend to help us finish the night in style.
There are so many things that I did last night, I am so tired. I don’t know where to begin but I know where it ended. This couple emailed me at and let me know they needed me to show them around Vegas. So I dressed in my naughty chauffer’s costume and met them at the airport when they called me at 702-506-0961. They were thrilled when I led them to a professionally chauffeured car and led them straight to a club. We had drinks and got something to drink from the topless staff there. This couple wanted to go to the next club to see what they could do. As soon as we walked into the next club, my favorite stripper saw me and invited me to do a show. We gave them the best show of their lives and they still wanted more. We went back to the hotel where I had a treat waiting. I treated them to an individual Las Vegas massages, turning them on and getting them relaxed at the same time. As soon as I finished, they turned to me and decided I would be next on the menu. It was a great night.
My number, 702-551-0893 must be the hottest number in Las Vegas. I don’t think I have the energy for the guest I have to meet tonight because the one last night wore me out. Goodness, I have never laughed so hard in one night in my life. So, he emails me at because he is getting married in a week and wants one last party as a single man. His flight landed and we met that afternoon. As soon we meet up, he tells me that he wants the most erotic experience I could provide. So, I hustle him to the nearest bar and begin to play with him. He didn’t know what to do and I thought that was funny. We got a few drinks and started to bar and club hop. I love being the center of attention and I certainly got it last night. He kept me entertained just as I kept him hard. We went to my favorite club and he got a two way lap dance that lead us back to his hotel room. As soon as the door closed, I knew exactly why his fiancĂ© was so eager to tie the knot.
I must be a sucker for romance or something because when I get a sad email at, I melt. I had a guest email me that he was going through a tough breakup and needed to see me for some fun. He came into town when I told him it was convenient. He called 702-637-7098 and we started by just hanging at his hotel room. He wanted to talk and chill out so that’s what we did. As the day wore on, he got into the idea of going to see a few sites I hadn’t taken him to before and we got dressed. He missed being in the company of a beautiful woman so I used that to our advantage. As we did the tourist thing, he enjoyed looking at my blonde beauty. He felt so much better that he was on my arm rather than someone else’s arm. So we got something to eat and got back to the hotel room for a night of cuddling. He needed the full girlfriend experience that only a Las Vegas escort can provide. We cuddled, we kissed and chatted. I gave him the most erotic Las Vegas massage he has ever had.
I guess men that want to get the hottest Las Vegas escorts available know to email me at I do aim to please and if last night was any indication, I must be good at pleasing them. I had a new guest call me at 702-478-1502 so that I could escort him to his business meetings and give him a seedier tour later. So I wore this cute little cocktail dress that I found earlier this week. I also put my changing clothes in my weekender because I knew we were going to sweat it out later. So we went to his business meetings and dinner. To his surprise, I knew more about sales and marketing than he thought I would. After helping him host his meetings, we changed and I took him to some wild clubs. He took advantage of my petite frame and was all over me. We danced the night away. As soon as the sun started coming up, I took him back to his hotel room and gave him a night cap that he will always remember. Once he could catch his breath, he immediately phoned his secretary and extended his business trip to Vegas. and 702-506-0913 is going to get me in trouble. Oh my goodness. I haven’t had an off day in weeks but I guess that’s the life of the hottest women in Vegas. I had a guest last night that loved having me as an escort. We did so many things that I had forgotten about. We went to the different amusement parks around town and rode the rollercoasters. We went to the different sites and attractions around Vegas because he’d never been here before. Since he was such an active man, I let him plan our day activities. After the sun set and we went to change our clothes, and the vixen in me took over. We went to some hot night clubs and danced. We grabbed some dinner and then we went to my favorite erotic club. The things that I did to that man in the club were mind blowing for the both of us. So after we decided it was time to go, so we went back to his hotel room and he got a treat. I gave him a Las Vegas massage. After the massage, I stayed longer and made him even happier he came to Vegas.
I have never had so many people email me at before. I know that I am one of the most popular brunette Vegas escorts but this is insane. I won’t complain though, because I have so much fun doing what I do. I met this guy last night that was a total teddy bear. He was just getting over a bad breakup and wanted to have some fun with a girl that his ex would be pissed to see him with. So we went to several places that he had never been too. I showed him what a woman like me can do for him. We went to a couple clubs and strip clubs for a little fun. He got a great show because I gave him the floor show he has been fantasizing about. After he was ready to go, we went back to his hotel room for the complete girlfriend experience. We cuddled as we had dessert and then watched a movie. After that, we had the most amazing shower experience and then I had to tuck him in. After being put to sleep like that, he insisted on my phone number. I gave it to him, 702-487-8895
This weekend was totally amazing. I met this cute couple that was celebrating their anniversary and wanted to have one of the hottest blonde escorts in Las Vegas help them celebrate. They emailed me at and called 702-442-0854 to confirm. I spoke with the wife first because she wanted to plan a couple erotic surprises for her husband. I loved that about her. When they finally arrived at the hotel, I had already checked them in and was waiting in the suite. I met them with a Las Veges massage and a three way cuddle session. We all got to know one another extremely well and missed our first round of clubbing because the pleasure we experienced was extreme to say the least. Once we recovered, we went to a couple of my favorite strip clubs and I helped the husband get a two girl show and the wife get a lap dance. When we left there, we went to grab something to eat and I watched the wife disappear under the table to give him a blow job. He could barely eat while it was happening. I love being an escort because I make the most erotic fantasies come true.
I’m excited about tonight. I get to see one of my frequent guests. He loves coming to see me because he knows I am the only Las Vegas escort that will give him the experience that he wants. He knows that I love putting on a show and that I will do it without a second thought. We are supposed to go to this new club tonight and get a girl on girl lap dance, which he knows I love. Then we are supposed to go to a couple of different places so he can watch me bull riding and rock climbing. He said we will end the night with dinner and a long show but I want something else. I want to give him a long Vegas massage and have dinner delivered in to the hotel room. I love giving him private shows and taking the time to turn him on. I know he loves to play little erotic games and I am always game for that. He is the reason that I keep my email address so my guests can email me or call me at 702-576-0630. I love to meet new people but I love my regulars too.
I am so tired. Last night was amazing and so much fun. I had the most amazing experience with my guest. He needed an escort for business functions. He was so sweet and shocked that I was as well-spoken as I am. We went to his business meetings and he closed the deals quickly. He loved showing me off because of my beauty but he was genuinely pleased that I helped him present the image that he needed to cinch the deal. I was totally shocked that he wanted to extend our time outside of the business meetings. As soon as we got out of the limo, he encouraged me to take him on the most erotic tour of Las Vegas that I could give him. We went to strip clubs where we danced the night away. He loved watching me dance on the tables with my girlfriends. He couldn’t keep his hands off. We got back into the limo and he showed me exactly how happy he was with my hospitality. We started in the limo and made our way to his hotel room. This is why I keep my number as 702-576-0622 and my email address as