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Friday, 30 November 2012
I guess men that want to get the hottest Las Vegas escorts available know to email me at I do aim to please and if last night was any indication, I must be good at pleasing them. I had a new guest call me at 702-478-1502 so that I could escort him to his business meetings and give him a seedier tour later. So I wore this cute little cocktail dress that I found earlier this week. I also put my changing clothes in my weekender because I knew we were going to sweat it out later. So we went to his business meetings and dinner. To his surprise, I knew more about sales and marketing than he thought I would. After helping him host his meetings, we changed and I took him to some wild clubs. He took advantage of my petite frame and was all over me. We danced the night away. As soon as the sun started coming up, I took him back to his hotel room and gave him a night cap that he will always remember. Once he could catch his breath, he immediately phoned his secretary and extended his business trip to Vegas.

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